"Try for the best and ready for the worst"

We always try to inspire students by this slogan. By this student cannot dishearted and never loose their self-confidence, which is very much needed to open the way of success. Balaji Polytechnic College (BPC) is very much sensitive and concerned to impart technical education to the youth of 21st century with blessings of their parents/guardians and teachers. BPC believes in "Step by Step Progress". Our Faculty members always try to reach at the mental level of students, which in the only way for good teaching. BPC believes that -"Staff and students are our STRENGTH". So there should be proper relation between these two powers. A good teacher may get optimum results by applying even minimum efforts in right direction, just likes a good batsman can hit a dangerous bounces for a Six by using its velocity and diverting it into right direction by applying a least force through his bat.